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Zebra hides are fantastic additions to a room space, and Zebra rugs are often the most common use because of their adequate size – but what about other applications such as a wall covering or a wall hanging? Do not hammer it into the wall with a nail!! This will damage a beautiful and valuable hide. A Zebra hide, being a natural leather hide, will probably have a felt backing to it if it was professionally tanned for a Zebra rug.

Here are a couple suggestions:

Affix the Zebra hide between two large pieces of glass and frame it. This will be heavy and quite large, but the look will be fantastic – a mounted see-through frame featuring a Zebra hide, well-preserved between two pieces of see-through glass. If you don’t to use a framed glass configuration, consider a strong but light plastic to affix the Zebra hide in between. As long as the pieces are pressed on either side of the Zebra hide, you should be able to easily mount it without the hide moving. If necessary, affix very small pieces of non-stick adhesive to either side and that should do the trick.

If you don’t want to go through the process of framing or want a more rustic appearance for your mounting, simply find some grips in a hardware or craft store to mount your Zebra hide. Be sure that whatever you use is not going to damage the pelt in any way – sticky, messy adhesives or putting holes in the skin will damage the pelt, decreasing its look and value. With some extra time and consideration, you can easily mount your Zebra hide.