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There are a few exotic skins that are more ideal for mens fashion than others.  This has a lot to do with the textures and what is being made (is it a coat? a belt? a pair of boots?)  Here’s a review of what does and what does not work in men’s fashion:

1) Lizard leather – Not used for many men’s products, although it is quite common for exotic leather upholstery and veneers due to its thin, flexible qualities and and finely stippled appearance.  Rest assured, you won’t see many men wearing items crafted from this exotic leather but you’ll find some really nice wall applications!

2) Crocodile and Alligator Leather – Crocodile and Alligator leather are the luxury standard – the ideal leather for both mens and womens fashion. An ideal example of the unisexual implementation of this leather can be found on These exotic hides are valuable, easily noticable, and extremely durable.  Often, you’ll find an owner of a genuine crocodile or alligator coat that has existed for well over 50 years, handed down through generations.  Here are a couple examples:

Mens Crocodile Leather Jacket Another Mens Crocodile Jacket

3) Stingray Leather – Stingray and Shagreen (Shark) hides are fantastic and extremely versatile leather.  Some of the best insoles for work boots are made of this leather. Almost any application available for leathermaking is possible to craft with stingray – which has the same thin flexible qualities of Lizard skin but a much more attractive finish.  Stingray leather belts, boots, and mens wallets australia in the right color and style will complement good fashion taste!

4) Snake Skin – Snake skin has a strong masculine quality for men’s jewelry, jackets, wallets, and boots.  Equally versatile and beautiful for women’s fashion as well, snake is an exotic skin worth mentioning for mens’ style.

5) Ostrich Leather – Ostrich leather can be used for stylish clothing but with its thick and extremely durable qualities, it is ideal for exotic car upholstery, like this example:

Ostrich Leather - Exotic Skin Car Interior