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A leather tannery for exotic skins typically, at minimum, feature these staff members who perform these duties:

Owner – The owner of the tannery manages all upper-tier staff, pricing, marketing, compensation, contracts, and investor relationships.

Plant Manager / Master Tanner – This expert leather engineer is a crucial component to the operations of a tanning facility.They oversee all aspects of the exotic skin tanning process and manages day to day operations of the plant.This person knows the tanning process in-and-out and a strong knowledge of chemistry to produce the best quality hides. They oversee the all staff responsible for the smaller functions of the tannery.

Mechanical Engineer – This staff member watches all equipment and machinery, ensuring it stays operational, repaired and serviced as needed, and safety compliance.They are usually responsible for the proper training and operations of the equipment as well.

Administration Manager / Assistant– An administrator organizes and manages the business end and clerical duties of a plant – ensuring paperwork is filed, record keeping, communications, and ensure staff are paid.