Species: Zebra (Equus burchelli)
Origin: S. Africa
Width: 60″ (1.5m) – 65″ (1.75m)
Length: 8′ (2.75m) – 11′ (3.6m)
Weight: 1.2 – 1.8mm

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Zebras are one of the most mammals on the planet with a unique, eye-catching wild appearance. The zebra pattern is synonymous with the African wilderness and is used ubiquitously for any number of faux-applications because of its timelessly popular and interesting look.

Our beautiful zebra skins are rated Grade A (with minimal scarring and blemishes). Each hide has a groomed neck mane as well as a groomed tail, leaving no question that it is indeed a genuine zebra hide.

For use as a rug, we can provide zebra hides with a felt backing applied that gives the zebra hide extra support and weight it needs to be properly laid flat on the floor. For production, such as furniture or upholstery, we recommend the non-felt back hides which are more pliable.

Many times, the zebra pattern is misrepresented as being pure white and black. This is false. True genuine zebra hides are more close to a tan/off-white color matched with a very dark brown to black stripe. The striped patterns are unique to each animal and no two zebra are exactly alike. Our species of Zebra, the Burchell Zebra, possess wider, uneven stripes from head to tail.

Burchell Zebras are common animals on the African continent and legal in the United States to both sell and own. These are wild animals that will always have some natural scarring and blemishes, but we inspect and hand pick only the hides that pass our rigorous standards for quality before shipping them to you.

Also among the photos above you will see some samples of Zebra furniture and ottomans, which are also popular applications for a Burchell Zebra hide.

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