Species: Stingray (dasyatis species)
Origin: Southeast Asia
Width: 5″ (12cm) – 16″ (40cm)
Length: 12″ (30cm) – 34″ (85cm)
Weight: 0.8 – 1.5mm

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Stingray skin is a strong, durable leather with a “bumpy” texture of smooth pearls across its surface and is both affordable and comes in a very wide array of colors and sizes. Stingray skin, while instantly recognizable among luxury enthusiasts, still has a novel mainstream appeal. Because of the varying degrees of size among adult stingrays used for leather, stingray skin will be found in extra large luxury applications such as upholstery, car interiors, and trims, while also being found in smaller applications like wallets, purses, jewelry and inlays.

Sizes: Genuine stingray hides vary greatly in size. They are measured by their width and priced accordingly, with the larger varieties progressively more expensive due to the limited availability of the larger, blemish-free skins among the species.

We sell all size varieties of stingray hides in many colors and styles. As a general rule, stingrays are often sized as such:

Medium (approx 6″ x 12″) – Medium skins are an economical choice for trims, wallets, veneers, or applications where the usable portions are cut out and seamed together with the portions of other equally cut stingray skins.

Large (approx. 11″ x 22″) – Large stingray skins are good for handbags and garments where no stitching of multiple skins is desired.

Long (Approx 9″ x 20″) – Long skins are economical choices for production uses that need smaller, longer cuts of stingray. These skins are usually long enough to get ideal cuts for use as pet collars, jewelry, keychains and small inlays.

Extra Large and Saddle Size (Approx 16″ x 32″) – Saddles and motorcycle seats are the most popular request for stingray hides. An XL Saddle-Sized skin is large enough to be used for seat pans and saddles, minimizing wasted material and ensuring a correct size for your project.

Remember – if you are working on a budget, the larger a finished hide the more rare and valuable they become. If you need a more economical solution for your project but still want to add an exotic leather to increase its luxury appeal, consider using a smaller skin as an inlay.

To see our current inventory of stingray skins, please click the “Stock and Pricing” button to be redirected to our online store for purchase. If you require many skins or have request for custom colors and styles, please submit a request using our inquiry form.