Species: Blue Shark (prionace glauca)
Origin: Asia Pacific, Gulf Coast, S. America
Size: 4 sq ft. – 16 sq ft.
Weight: 1.8 – 2.5mm

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Shark skin is an amazingly durable skin with a unique fine grain texture filled with natural ripples. A finished shark hide is measured and priced by the square foot. Shark is a relatively thicker exotic leather when compared to alligator skins or stingray skins but its resilience means even with usual wear-and-tear, its look can last for decades. It is a popular choice for car interiors, unique furniture and wallets.

While the species may vary depending on season and availability, our sharks are always non-threatened and non-endangered species that require no CITES.

Our shark hides are tanned and dyed by professional exotic leather tanners with decades of experience. Direct sourcing enables us to pick the best skins at the best prices available. Our current stock is avilable at our online store, simply click the “Stock and Pricing” button to the right. If you require a large number of skins for your project, please complete our inquiry form and we’ll get back with you within 2 business days.

Size: 4.25 Sq Ft. (Small) to 9 Sq. Ft. (XXL)

Popular Applications: Shark Skin is popular for upholstery on furniture and car interiors (seats, dash, and door trims), wall trims, wallets, jewelry and more accessories. For large/wide applications, we recommend 6 Sq Ft and up. Smaller skins have more usable space for uses where small cuts are required.