Species: Reticulated Python (reticulatus)
Species: Short Tail Python (brongersmai)
CITES: Yes – Appendix II
Origin: Southeast Asia
Width: 8″ (20cm) – 18″ (45cm)
Length: 5′ (1.5m) – 16.5′ (5.5m)

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Python skin is an amazingly pliable and diverse application. The skins are light in weight and come a very diverse array of style and colors. And, like alligator and crocodile, its unique appearance is instantly recognizable which makes it a great leather to use for applications that will always maintain its luxury appeal despite what is trendy or currently in fashion.

Glazed vs. Matte

The genuine python hides for sale will come in either glazed and matte finishes. Glazed styles have a distinct shine and feel very smooth to the touch. Python skin is great for trims, upholstery, clutches and inlays and come in a wide variety of wild colors. Matte python hides do not have the shine and are softer to the touch with scales that slightly protrude on their edges. Because of their softness and pliability, matte skins are the perfect material for wallets, garments, handbags and shoes that look great and feel elegant.

Color Styles

Natural Python – Our Natural python hides are available in both a Matte and Glazed texture. Python is a thin and pliable leather smooth scaling and brilliant colors. No two snakes have the same pattern – nothing in nature or man made matches the unique scales, patterns, and unique texture of genuine python leather.

Metallic Python – Our Metallic python hides have the same soft, pliable texture of python with a bright shiny metallic finish. This special finishing process extends the production possibilities further with an extensive line of gorgeous color options for the most luxurious fashion and style applications. All pythons have their own unique patterns for an exotic leather unmatched by synthetics in value, strength, and style.

Hand painted Python – Our Hand painted python hides offer limitless options on painted colored accents across the finished hide. Hand painting creates a wild exotic look while still retaining a lot of the natural snake patterns that make python skin so fascinating and recognizable. Python leather is strong and comfortable for garments and equally attractive in upholstery applications like furniture, car interiors, and trims. No two snake patterns are exactly the same and our hand painted mosaic python adds a new unique element in style and fashion.

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Custom Options: We do custom orders DIRECT, saving you 30% – 50% on your python skins. We can match any color you need with up to 90% accuracy. Requirements: Custom orders require a minimum of 5 skins (sq yd) per color, and we can deliver in less than 4 weeks.

Please inquire for custom python skins.

Popular Applications: Handbags, upholstery, garments, wallets, and inlays.