Species: Ring Lizard (varanus salvator)
CITES: Yes – Appendix II
Origin: Indonesia (Java), South America
Width: 8″ (20cm) – 18″ (45cm)
Length:: 12″ (30cm) – 23″ (60cm)

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Lizard skin has a fascinating smooth, stippled texture and shiny glazed finish that comes in an enormous variety of colors. High grade lizard skins are an incredibly sturdy reptilian leather that is veratile enough for many luxury applications.

Lizard skins generally come natural tanning (where their natural markings are still present), a color tanning that still shows their natural markings, or a fully bleached and dyed skin with a consistent, solid color and no natural marketings.

Because of their size and relatively low cost, they make great skins for use for secondary textures, trims and for adding luxury value to handbags, shoes and accessories.

If you require more than 20 lizard skins, please complete our production order inquiry form so we can best assist you.

Size: Approx. 12.5″ x 15″

Popular Applications: Handbags, shoes, boots, pool cues, cuffs, belts, upholstery, and inlays.

About Lizard Skin: Lizard hides have a smooth stippled texture and a shiny finish. Strong and unique, yet its smaller size often requires larger quantities for production. If you are purchasing more than 20 lizard hides, use our inquiry form so we can best assist you.