Species: Elephant (loxodonta africana)
CITES: Yes – Appendix II
Origin: Africa
Width: 4 ft. x 5 ft Panels
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Elephant hides are a thick and durable hide with a deep, distressed wrinkled texture. The elephant skins are extra wide hides known as “panels”. With an average of 20 sq. ft. of material, elephant skin panels are great for applications with wide applications where a thicker hide is preferred over a thinner skin or where the use of small skins will require significant seaming.

As with all of our materials, our African elephant hides are legally imported, abiding by the CITES rules and regulations. All of our skins are thoroughly inspected in our U.S. locations prior to shipping. For current availability, please click “Stock and Pricing” above. If you have custom needs, requests, or need to buy material in bulk, please complete a production order request.

Size: Our hippo hides come in medium (10 sq ft.) and large (20 sq. ft.)

Popular Applications: Shoes, Boots, Pool Cues, Gun Holsters