Species: Freshwater (Crocodylus novaeguineae)
Species: Saltwater (Crocodylus porosus)
Species: Nile (Crocodylus niloticus)
CITES: Yes – Appendix II
Origin: Pac. Islands, Africa, Australia
Width: 10″ (25cm) to 35″ (90cm)
Length: 3.5 ft – 12 ft.

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Crocodile hides are among the most popular luxury skins on the global market. Crocodile has a strong yet pliable skin that comes in two cuts: first, the smooth “belly” hides from the underside of the crocodile. The second cut is the “Hornback” cut featuring the thicker, bumpy scales of the crocodile’s back. The choice of belly or hornback crocodile hides is a preference chosen based on the intended application. We also provide thick and lengthy crocodile backstraps which are often used for unique belts, dog collars or guitar straps.

Production Ordering – Your Crocodile Skins in Almost Any Color
While we sell individual skins (simply click the “Stock and Pricing” link to be redirected to our online store for Crocodile and other luxury leathers), we specialize in large scale production orders. We can finish your crocodile hides in any pantone color of your choosing. Let us know of your requirements by completing our contact form and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible with the best pricing available on the material you need to complete your project.

Sizes: Crocodiles are measured and priced by the center width of the hide and the price is progressively higher for larger, high grade skins. (The larger the hide, more higher the price by inch.) The width of most crocodile hides will vary from 11″ to 27″. Height varies from 55″ – 80″.

Popular Applications: Handbags, upholstery, boots, shoes, garments, wallets, belts, motorcycle seats, saddles, and inlays.