Species: Caiman (crocodilus fuscus)
CITES: Yes – Appendix II
Origin: South America
Width: 7″ (18cm) to 19″ (48cm)
Length: 3.5 ft – 12 ft.

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Caiman hides are strong, thick leathers with prominent scales and a wide variety of bold colors. Caiman hides come in both Belly or Hornback. Caiman Hornback hides have a firmer texture demonstrating the strength of their skin necessary to survive in the harsh conditions of their natural habitat. The belly hide has a soft, smooth center belly strip belly in the center with the strong back ridges along the outer rims of the material. While caiman skin is not nearly as pliable as alligator or crocodile skin for garments or upholstery, caiman leather possesses the unique appearance of crocodile skin that surpasses traditional or imprinted cowhide leather yet is still far more economical than alligator or crocodile.

For large-scale production, we can custom finish hides in any pantone color you choose in a reasonable time frame. Let us know your exact needs by filling out our contact form. Once we received your project requirements, we can begin sourcing the best pricing available. In wholesale quantities we will dye and finish your skins in almost any color.

Sizes: The sizes of caiman skins vary. Here are some options:

14″ x 38″ Hornback Caiman Skins
12″ x 36″ Belly Caiman Skins
12″ x 36″ Belly Caiman Skins
17″ x 48″ Solid Matte Hornback Caiman Skins

Popular Applications: Handbags, upholstery, boots, shoes, garments, wallets, belts, motorcycle seats, saddles, and inlays.