Species: American Alligator (a. mississippiensis)
CITES: Yes – Appendix II
Origin: United States of America
Width: 10″ (25cm) to 35″ (90cm)
Length: 3.5 ft – 12 ft.

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Alligator is one of the most well recognized of all exotic leathers. Alligator leather can be used in almost any way of standard cowhide leather to add a far greater luxury appeal for garments, handbags, cases and upholstery. In fact, there may be no more ubiquitous synthetic luxury leather than the patterns of Alligator and their cousin, the crocodile. Because of this, alligator leather merchandise are rarely in danger of going out of style. Trade and production, while regulated, is both safe and legal. Alligators are both farm-raised and wild caught.

The photos above represent the quality of our 100% genuine alligator leather hides. We have access to the finest alligator Belly (smooth) and Hornback (scaly) skins. We pride ourselves on having the best stock of skins available. While these are animals who live in the wild, we strive to only provide a consistent stock of finished hides free of deformities, holes and scar tissue.

Since the Width of the skin often determines where and how the skin can be used, skins are priced according to the width of the center-most portion. The widths can range anywhere from a relatively low-cost 10 inches (25cm) to the far larger and far more rare 35 inches (90cm).

While the length and width are often similarly proportion, these predators will also vary greatly in length depending on their age and diet. A full alligator hide ranges from 3 ft. 6 inches to a whopping 12 ft from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.

Black and brown colors are the most common stock, however, we always have many color options available on a rotating basis, usually depending on current styles.

Consider no exceptions – we only sell 100% genuine alligator skins. Every alligator hide in stock has been hand-picked by us and we can dye them to any color if you can meet our minimum requirements and our reasonable lead times. Please submit a production inquiry and tell us about yourself, the details about your project and your budget. For stock options and pricing of alligator hides for sale, click the “Stock and Pricing” button above.