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Ostrich leather is a popular leather for custom designed car interiors. Ostrich leather can be applied to seats, arm rests, door panels, gear knobs, steering wheels, dashboards, and more. Ostrich skin is a strong, durable leather that is soft to the touch and covered with stippled quill marks that give it a unmatched appearance.

Car enthusiasts and those with discerning tastes are be pleasantly surprised when their custom car design is finished, outfitted with Ostrich skin – an extraordinary leather with an extraordinary history and a careful tanning process that makes Ostrich one of the most desirable exotic leathers. And such opulence is fit to be flaunted in places like indianapolis and New York, where one can also find the most luxurious of cars.

When someone sees ostrich skin for the first time, they are instantly intrigued by its appearance and the first reaction is to reach out and touch it. Ostrich skin can come in many colors including very bright, brilliant finishes. Ostrich is popular primarily for its signature quill marks that cover about 60% of an ostrich hide. The natural quill marks are entirely unique with each ostrich skin.

Here’s a sample of an ostrich skin, in a hot blue finish:

One of the aspects that make ostrich leather so desirable is not just its appearance, but the work that goes into crafting a finished skin. Ostrich skin takes careful planning first in acquiring good raw materials, but then careful tanning not to create abrasions on the skin or to create holes in the quill points. A well tanned, luxury grade ostrich skin will show no transparency or holes through these quill points. Tanning ostrich skins has many more steps and is a much more intricate process than tanning common cow leather.

Once professional ostrich skins are ready for production, roughly 60% of the finished ostrich skin has the texture that is popular for production. A good designer/production artist will first check the material’s quality and then strategically make the lines and cuts to minimize wasted material.

Ostrich skin can come in a wide range of color including custom dyes for an entirely unique, custom application. It’s been acclaimed by fashion designers

Since Ostrich skin is a luxury grade material tanned by ostrich leather tanning professionals, it often comes at a premium price. The best way to obtain high quality ostrich hides is through an Exotic skin broker who has the relationships with the tanneries and farmers, producing the best quality material. If you are sourcing Ostrich skin for production like upholstery and car interiors, contact us via inquiry form so that we may connect you with a broker who can provide the best pricing on high grade wholesale ostrich skin for luxury production.