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Ostrich Skin Upholstery for Car Interiors

Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Ostrich leather is a popular leather for custom designed car interiors. Ostrich leather can be applied to seats, arm rests, door panels, gear knobs, steering wheels, dashboards, and more. Ostrich skin is a strong, durable leather that is soft to the touch and covered with stippled quill marks that give it a unmatched appearance. Car enthusiasts and those with discerning tastes are be pleasantly surprised when their custom car design is finished, outfitted with Ostrich skin – an extraordinary leather with an extraordinary history and a...

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Genuine Zebra Rugs – They’re Not All The Same

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Zebra’s are one of nature’s most unique creatures – while most mammals rely on their colors to “blend” into their natural habitats, a Zebra’s skin has an incredibly unique striped texture that stands out. But most people realize that most Zebras are not entirely “white and black” – many of them feature dark striping that is either close to black or a very dark brown color. The lighter stripes can be white, but are more typically an off-white or light brownish color. This striping also...

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Is it illegal to sell genuine zebra rugs?

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Many Zebra hides are perfectly legal to import to the United States. While there are endangered species of the Zebra, most types are very common game for hunters because of their abundance. Herds of zebra are commonly found running wild through Africa and sometimes even found in human populated regions. They are a regular food source for Crocodiles, Lions, and other creatures in the African wild. That said, U.S. customs regulations can be tricky in the importing of species since their legalities must be ensured by Fish & Wildlife. The...

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New! Shark Skins and Additions to Stingray Inventory!

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If you haven’t noticed, we’ve dropped our prices for 2010 on many of our exotic skins and just today we’ve added 5 colors of freshly tanned 2010 Black Tip Shark skins, housed in our warehouses and ready for shipment! Genuine Shark skin is popular for upholstery and wallets where a durable long-lasting leather is desired. Shark has a fine grainy texture with smooth ripples across the surface. It holds up well against friction, and because of its durability it’s popular with upholstery and wallets. (I personally carry...

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What are “pits” on exotic leather hides?

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So you purchased an exotic skin online, only to find that the delivered product is filled with tiny, unsightly indentations across the material. These indentations/dots are known as “pits”, and they’re the blemishes of the leather world, and depending on their depth and how many pits there are, they can devalue a finished hide from 1st grade to 2nd grade. Unlike the human skin for which one can use the south american beauty secrets to get rid of the blemishes permanently, nothing can be done about the product which you...

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Now Featuring Exotic Leather Jackets

Posted by on Oct 29, 2009 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Just in time for the cold winter season, we’ve launched our freshest inventory of exotic leather jackets!  We’ve got crocodile, lambskin, and the trendy Ostrich skin outerwear.    This series of winter apparel from American Exotics comes in colors black, brown, and cognac and sizes ranging from Small to XXL.

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Production with Zebra Hides

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Most have heard of Zebra rugs, but many haven’t considered the numerous applications of a tanned Zebra hide. Here are some FAQ and suggestions on production with Zebra hides: What is the legal species of Zebra hide in the United Sates? The legal species of Zebra for trade and ownership in the United States is the Bruchell variety, which has roughly 80 stripes from head to toe. A full sized hide is cut down the belly, with the striping down the center. A professionally tanned full hide has the head, body, thighs, and tail. What does a...

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Introducing – Zebra Hides and Furniture

Posted by on Sep 27, 2009 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

We have just added beautiful zebra hides and genuine zebra furniture pieces to our growing inventory. Our Zebra skins and finished furniture are wild caught African Burchell Zebra, legal for importation, sale, and ownership in the United States. Each Zebra hide is hand picked, tanned, and groomed for the best appearance. Here are some details about our genuine Zebra: Zebra Hide Grading Being wild African game, Zebras are subject to the harsh natural habitats of Africa. So, unlike a farmed or domesticated species like Ostrich and Alligator,...

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Just Opened – Online Store!

Posted by on Aug 26, 2009 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

We are now providing luxury exotic animal skins online through our new exotic leather store to our U.S. visitors at the best pricing available. We have worked hard the past several months to bring you the best quality inventory and best pricing available for luxury hides online – including full color lines of ostrich, lizard, caiman, crocodile, python, and stingray. All transactions are processed through our payment processor PayPal. Shipping is a flat rate of $10 per order. Our inventory is revolving so we’re always well...

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Aspects of an Exotic Skin Tannery

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There are many requirements for an exotic skin tannery. First of all, it is a business, which means it will require a business plan with financial goals, investment requirements, a marketing plan, intelligent staff to run the tannery and engineer the equipment, and operating costs. A tannery without a plan is not operational for very long. A professional exotic leather tannery will have: 1) Accessibility for trucks and plenty of space to move and for expansion. 2) Plenty of fresh water near the plant is needed for leather production,...

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