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If you haven’t noticed, we’ve dropped our prices for 2010 on many of our exotic skins and just today we’ve added 5 colors of freshly tanned 2010 Black Tip Shark skins, housed in our warehouses and ready for shipment!

Genuine Shark skin is popular for upholstery and wallets where a durable long-lasting leather is desired. Shark has a fine grainy texture with smooth ripples across the surface. It holds up well against friction, and because of its durability it’s popular with upholstery and wallets. (I personally carry a genuine shark wallet, it’s been carried every day for 6 years and it’s still yet to have a puncture or scratch.)

That’s not all – we’ve also added two new additions to our Stingray inventory!

Our Saddle Size stingray skins are our reserve of extra large stingray skins, painted in an assortment of patterns and colors. We have put these skins are set aside exclusively for seam-free upholstery of motorcycle seats, saddles, and other seating applications. These stingray leather hides are a fat 16″ x 32″ so the material can cover the surface and still have enough left to wrap around the bottom of the seat.

Need something more economical? We have also added Long Stingray skins (measured at 8″ x 18″) – perfect for jewerly and inlays where only a small portion of skin is required. These skins have all of the quality you expect in stingray skin from American Exotics, scaled to an economical size perfect for smaller production uses.

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