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Nothing is hotter for custom designed car interiors than genuine exotic leather upholstery – most car designers know that it’s the comfort and style inside that counts for the driver – the competition simply can’t match the high-end luxury look and design of a custom exotic car interior and outfitting cars with custom exotic upholstery is becoming increasingly more popular, such as this car design outfitted with high-end ostrich.

Obviously in any car the driver’s seat and the steering wheel will get the most wear and tear. Since this is the case, you will want to be sure that if you’re not regularly treating and cleaning your car’s leather that you will want to regularly maintain these two critical areas. These areas are prone to the most human skin contact and therefore will soak in more of the natural human skin oils. Apply a solid coating on your car’s exotic leather interior and it will ensure the best life of your car’s leather.

Also, be mindful to prevent spills of any kind of fluids, oils, foods, etc, that may stain your car interior. Putting a gas can in your car is not a good way of maintaining your leather’s genuine smell and finish and removing seats for a professional luxury leather cleaning is not cheap nor an enjoyable way to spend your time that you would much rather spend driving!

Speaking of finish, there are many options available, some will hold up better in extreme weather conditions than others. You must be absolutely sure when purchasing your exotic skins and paying top dollar that they will hold up in all weather types and the dyes will not stain clothing or skin. This is why it is important to rely on a good supplier of exotic leather upholstery who can assist you with the legal importing and production of your car’s exotic leather materials.