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Genuine Zebra HidesWe have just added beautiful zebra hides and genuine zebra furniture pieces to our growing inventory. Our Zebra skins and finished furniture are wild caught African Burchell Zebra, legal for importation, sale, and ownership in the United States. Each Zebra hide is hand picked, tanned, and groomed for the best appearance.

Here are some details about our genuine Zebra:

Zebra Hide Grading

Being wild African game, Zebras are subject to the harsh natural habitats of Africa. So, unlike a farmed or domesticated species like Ostrich and Alligator, Zebras hides often have natural scarring that lower the grading of the hide.

We only deal specifically in Luxury Grade Zebra (very minimal scars and blemishes) and Grade A zebra (a few scars and blemishes).

Zebra Hide Backing

Our Zebra hides have the option of a standard tanned hide, or a hide with a thick felt backing. The felt backed hides are heavier and will lay flat on the ground, making them perfect for rugs. Note that without the felt backing on Zebra, the skins can create waves and bumps with regular foot traffic and will not sit flat on the ground.

A regular tanned hide has skin just as strong as the felt backed, but is more ideal for upholstery and production since its much more pliable. Zebra can transform a regular piece of furniture into somethin exquisite and wild – ideal for game rooms or simply those with a discerning taste.

Zebra Furniture - WengeOur online gallery of Zebra furniture is ready to ship, and is just a sample of what we can do. If you have custom needs for a piece you need and/or want to develop, we can probably help you out. Just fill out our inquiry form with project details and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

The Burchell Zebra is legal in the United States for trade and ownership in the United States. Our skins are imported from Africa and are typically shipped within the United States, delivered to you promptly. Our genuine Zebra furniture may be either shipped from our Inventory or built after your purchase and will ship within 2 – 3 weeks.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury genuine Zebra rug or for a high quality hide for upholstery/production, we can get you the skins you need.