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Zebra’s are one of nature’s most unique creatures – while most mammals rely on their colors to “blend” into their natural habitats, a Zebra’s skin has an incredibly unique striped texture that stands out.

But most people realize that most Zebras are not entirely “white and black” – many of them feature dark striping that is either close to black or a very dark brown color. The lighter stripes can be white, but are more typically an off-white or light brownish color. This striping also varies in size and shape based on the type of Zebra.

A species of Zebra that is abundant and frequently culled in Africa is the Bruchell species of Zebra. While some species of Zebra have upwards eighty to ninety stripes, a Bruchell Zebra features about 30 wider strips across the hide.

When producing a Zebra rug, the hide of the Zebra is cut along the belly so that the beautiful striping across the back is centered, producing a look that is “symmetrical” in it’s own natural way.

Life in the wild is harsh in the plains of Africa; upon close examination, a natural, genuine Zebra rug will always have some scarring across the pelt. Finding a Zebra skin without any damage or natural scarring is nearly impossible – if a “Grade A” skin is found, they are by far the best investment and the most valuable, despite paying the premium for one. A good quality Zebra skin will retain its value and with good care, will last for for a lifetime.

Here’s an example of a Grade A, high quality Zebra skin (click to enlarge):

Grade A Zebra Rug

A genuine Zebra rug is approximately 8 – 10 ft. long (including head and tail). They are tanned and backed by a finely cut black felt that is visible around the edge of the hide. They are truly an eye-catching piece that will always draw the eye immediately upon entering the room.

The texture of genuine Zebra rugs is also unique to any synthetic alternatives; the hides are relatively thin and quite flexible and look best on a hardwood or marble floor. Modern decor and African-themed decor are greatly enhanced with an exquisite Zebra rug underneath.