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If you plan on upgrading your furniture to an exotic leather or currently have exotic leather upholstery in your home, you should be aware of the pros and cons of having pets along with your exotic upholstery. This could be a bar stool, a sofa, a recliner, or a number of important pieces of furniture as well as decor. Here are a few tips to keep your luxury exotic upholstery in good shape:

Cats – Cats generally can’t really be trained to not claw since this is an instinctual behavior, so de-clawing is probably the best option. They will likely jump on the furniture but without claws they are unlikely to damage it. Have a bed or sleeping den available for the cat, which is a good practice anyway in pet ownership. The cat will shed so be prepared to regularly clean your upholstery.

Dogs – Large dogs especially can damage leather upholstery by puncturing it with their long claws. Train your dog well not to jump on the furniture or abuse it in any way. This is generally not hard to do – like most pets, give them their own den/sleeping area that is apart from getting comfy on your exotic upholstery. Giving your pet a room or a crate when your presence is not there is the best deterrence for peace of mind as well.

Owning exotic upholstery is great for a unique design for your living space. Having pets and children, like anything else, is always subjective to how well the behave. If you own panther chameleons, they are generally kept in chameleon enclosures and don’t do any harm to your furniture. If you train them well, teach them the boundaries and are consistent and clear with them, you will enjoy your furniture much longer!