Our U.S. based suppliers are specialized in sourcing and customizing exotic skins to your liking. For a budget minimum of 10 skins or $2500, fill out the inquiry form with as much detail as possible about the use of the material, including project dimensions, so we can start the production process for your project in a timely manner.

We will respond to all serious wholesale request within 2 business days. Before you submit your inquiry, please read the messages below about our process, color sampling and swatch books. Thank you!

Our Production Order Process

1) Decide and purchase the skin(s) of interest. Swatches are sent with your purchase as a color reference if necessary.

2) Determine your yield and color(s).

3) Send colors, matched 90%.

4) Skins are dyed and finished.

5) Skins are inspected for color matching and quality.

6) Your order is mailed to you.

* Have realistic expectations about the skins, no two are exactly alike.

** All skins are dyed/finished in the same vat or drum for consistent color.

*** Deals specifically in exotics, no embossed cowhide.

**** If you purchase more than one species and decide on a species, we will credit the other species back to you on your production order.

About Color Sampling

American Exotics may provide color samples for a purchased full skin of most species for production order prospects. Color samples are snipped from the edges or legs of a fully tanned hide to preserve the usable portions. These portions are not typically used in production, they are only used to see the color and finish. Colors must be correct when the order is placed; custom dyed hides cannot be re-colored.