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Billionaire Tamir Sapir’s yacht the Mystere (valued at $26 million) was seized by customs for containing rare animals including endangered species of zebras, a jaguar, a Bengal tiger, African lion heads, and other species outlawed by customs.  The Endangered Species Act of 1973 makes it illegal to buy or sell species or products made from species that are listed as endangered.

Of course he will get his yacht back, but stripped of his Exotic skins and with a $150,000 fine (peanuts for a billionaire). To spare you such troubles, refer to our online retailer.

While many species are endangered, there are many legal exotic skins that can be obtained with the right CITES permits and US Fish and Wildlife approval.  Knowing these rules are a crucial part of the successful importing of exotic skin – often the tanneries where the tanning of a species is legal will lie to get business, take the money, and the shipped order is later seized, resulting in a loss of money with no product and no repercussions for the dishonest International tannery that sold the skins, who will gladly keep the money!

The best route to purchase and import exotic skin is through an exotic leather broker, such as our global supplier, who is familiar with the laws and regulations of shipping exotic skins worldwide.  They have also maintained ongoing relationships with the farmers and tanneries, resulting in the best price and best service.  Use our contact form if you’re seeking large wholesale orders of exotic skin for production.