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There are many requirements for an exotic skin tannery.

First of all, it is a business, which means it will require a business plan with financial goals, investment requirements, a marketing plan, intelligent staff to run the tannery and engineer the equipment, and operating costs. A tannery without a plan is not operational for very long. A professional exotic leather tannery will have:

1) Accessibility for trucks and plenty of space to move and for expansion.
2) Plenty of fresh water near the plant is needed for leather production, cleaning, and safety in general.
3) A safety plan that adheres to OSHA regulations as well as local regulations. Systems should be designed to ventilate toxic gases safely and prevent emissions.
4) Good ventilation is also needed to comply with VOC and EPA standards.
5) Safety is of utmost importance not only for regulations, but also for the staff of the tannery. Every professional tannery has a safety plan, equipment, and an exit plan in case of emergencies.

One key note is that plenty of space is needed for the tannery. Space is always necessary so that the facility remains safe for staff, but also room for expansion as well. Most tanneries will have some exotic skins already produced and waiting for purchase so storage space should always be present in the tannery. If they are stored adequately there is no loss in the quality of the leather since it has been well preserved!