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3. It is explained that the company is a particular project with respect to the construction of a concrete gravity structure for the West White Rose project, in particular described in Diagrams A and B of the agreement and declaration of intent. 11. This contract remains in force for the duration of the work, including the mobilization and demobilization of contractors or, as stipulated in the agreement, by other means. 10. This decision recognizes the obligation of the parties to the agreement to contact a representative of the Ministry of Training, Qualifications and Labour to exchange information on labour relations related to the particular project – Technical degree or diploma in a related engineering or engineering field. An equivalent combination of training and work experience can be considered. Prefer a solid background in mechanical, pipe and/or construction constructions; At least 10 years of experience in mechanical systems installation and management; Familiarise with union communities and project collective agreements; The ability to develop work plans and guide them to MMO operations; Exceptional analytical, problem-solving, planning and organizational capabilities; Strong interpersonal skills combined with positive team spirit; Excellent communication and communication skills 5. The parties who can participate in collective employment negotiations under the special project are the WWRP Constructions` Association Inc., as an employer organization acting for and on behalf of all contractors and subcontractors who carry out the work on the special project, and the Construction Council Inc., acting as unions for and on behalf of workers participating in the special project. 4. 1) The scope of this decision is described in Charts A and B of the agreement and declaration of intent. The collective agreement also contains provisions on diversity, gender equality and local attitudes, including a statement of intent indicating that the parties agree to promote and support job creation initiatives and to give qualified women and members of under-represented groups unrestricted access to employment opportunities. As part of the agreement, the parties will also implement proactive programs and practices that will help create an inclusive work environment.

The construction of each CGS Slipform Caisson quadrant required the continuous 24/7 pouring of 8600 cubic metres of concrete and the installation of more than 3,300 tonnes of rebar over a 31-day period.