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To be considered a Usa, the document must be written, signed by all shareholders and, in one way or another, limit the directors` powers in the management of the business. Directors` duties, which can be transferred to shareholders in the United States, include issuing and withdrawing shares, deprecing dividends, amending the company`s by-law, etc. A shareholder document addresses important issues, such as the transfer of shares and the rights of shareholders and executives, to ensure the smooth running of the company. Disagreements or failures in relationships are common in the economy. One of the important objectives of shareholder agreements is to ensure that there is a mechanism in place to deal with such situations. This can be done by implementing some of the terms of sale described above (for example. B put/call option, shot-gun clause, etc.). Other methods include defining dispute resolution methods, such as mediation before the start of court proceedings, or the application for arbitration. Shareholder agreements are useful instruments for ensuring effective governance and protecting their shareholders by setting thresholds for authorisation for certain issues. For example, shareholder agreements can define a number of key decisions that require unanimous agreement, thereby protecting the interests of minority shareholders. 6.3 In case: under the provisions of this agreement, one or more of the shareholders may sell, transfer, transfer or transfer one of its shares to a person, company or company other than one of the parties involved, this transfer will not be made or effective, and no application to register such a transfer to the company is made until the proposed purchaser enters into an agreement with the other parties with the same effect as the latter and any other agreement with the company in which the company is involved. In some cases, it is desirable to include a right in which the company may buy back shares in a business because of death, insolvency, disability or the founder`s participation in a division of family assets, for example.

B in case of marriage.