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The Scandinavian welfare model is a headache for economists: it works economically, although parasitism is expected to predominate with its explosive cocktail of high taxes and high social benefits. A neglected solution to the conundrum could be the unique existence of social trust in Scandinavia. Here……, the four Scandinavian countries (Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland) make up the top three with points above 60 percent social confidence in a ranking that covers 94 countries around the world…. Discusses the organization La Francophonie, an international community of people who speak French and meet to discuss issues. Presented a crossword that involved readers in some of the nations of the French-speaking world. Provides a list of words and the answer key. (CMK) SrTiO3 doped was found in 1964 to pass through a superconducting passage under 1 K with a dome-shaped Tc diagram against n (concentration of electrons). The top of the dome – an inflection point – corresponds to the point (n≈9 ×1019cm-3, Tc≈0.30 K). On both sides, the Tc rises to ≈0.1K for the extreme values between which were not variable.

A single tc value is therefore observed for two different values of n. The enigma of the theory was to explain this result. If we deal with the problem in all its universality, here we present three equations: the BCS equation for Tc, which dates back years, the equation built into 0 for the T-0 slot, where the chemical potentials are T-Tc and T-0 respectively, and an equation that connects the parameters of interaction n1 and 0 to those temperatures. As the problem contains five unknowns, we approach these equations through an approach diagram that contains the setting of 1-0 and 1-0. This last point is actually a basic idea of the BCS theory. The main features of our results are: (i) the solutions for Tc and 0 on the RHS (LHS) dome correspond μ> kB-D (μ LHS must be reduced the limits of integrals in equations to obtain real solutions, and (iii) the point μ -kB-D is a turning point in the Tc-vers-μ-.. As the riddle has not been solved for a long time, we also propose a purely mathematical model μ for the physical justification of sans — which, in qualitative terms, leads to a Tc against μ the plot. We repeat the puzzle of the | Seen| Values obtained from the conventional implementation of hadrone-based finite energy-based energying rules, based on taste break rules, which are > 3 σ below the expectations of the trifamilial unit. Significant non-physical dependence on | Seen| on the choice of weight, w and ceiling, s0, the experimental spectral integrals that go into the analysis, and a breakdown of the assumptions made when estimating the upper dimension, D > 4, OPE contributions identified as the main cause of these problems.

A combination of continuous matrix and grid results indicates a new implementation of the global approach, which is not just | Seen |, but also D > 4 effective condensates, are usable for data. Lattice`s results are also used to clarify how the slow-converging D-2 OPE series can be reliably processed. The new implementation of the sum rule is shown to solve the problems of non-physical dependence w and s0 to the | Seen| and achieve results 0.0020 higher than conventional implementation using the same data. With B-Factory entries and dispersive results for K-branch fractions, we find | Seen| 0.2231 (27)exp (4))th, in full compliance with the Kl3 result, and with errors consistent with the expectations of the tri-family unit, including the long | Seen| puzzle. Full text available Untuk mengatasi kurangnya minat dan hasil belajar fiswa fiswa dilakukan penelitian melalui kegiatan pembelajaran fisikakontekstual berbantuan puzzle competititon.