American Exotics is a U.S. Supplier of Exotic Leather skins and goods – providing exotic leather hides, finished goods, and industry news for professionals in fashion, upholstery, and design-related fields where exotic leather is used in production application for both goods and display.

We relieve the stress of legalities and importation while saving you time, money by brokering your order at the best price.
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Why order your leather with American Exotics?

Best Pricing – Over fifteen years of experience in sourcing high grade material combined with a modern online business model means we can pass the cost savings to you. Our online business model also makes it easy and affordable to acquire the materials you need.
Best Service – Our secure online store, product photos and videos make it easy to pick and choose the skins you want. We can also provide custom color options for production-level orders. See the Production Process and Sampling guide for more.
Professional Material Sourcing – We are a U.S. based business operating on a global scale, fully abiding by International laws and regulations for the trade of exotic skins. It is our obligation to you we understand these laws and regulations so you get your material as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

As a professional exotic leather broker, our operations, staff, and business span the globe; we have built relationships with the world’s best exotic skin tanneries to import exotic leather hides and finished goods from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our inventory availability and pricing is the culmination of experience in the leather industry; our materials are sourced and shipped globally.

Is exotic skin illegal to produce or own?

No. While there are species that are made illegal to procure their hides, there are many exotic leathers produced from animals that are thriving in regions of the world. For instance, while the Zebra is a commonly recognized animal and there are species of Zebra that are endangered, the Bruchell Zebra is a common game animal in Africa that is a valuable food source for crocodiles and lions on the plains of Africa. The Nile Crocodile is also another species that is abundant through Africa, yet their hides are luxurious and valuable in commercial applications.

There are some species, however, that are endangered and illegal. We do not condone the trade of any endangered species and strongly believe that these species that are endangered should be regulated and monitored through good conservation. A good exotic leather broker will be aware of the laws and regulations in each country.

As a production artist and designer, why should I use exotic leather?

Exotic leather has a unique, luxury appeal that is not matched by other material. Since it is a natural resource, no two hides are ever the same, making each application entirely unique from the previous ones. It provides a warm, natural appearance and texture as opposed to the consistent yet “colder” appearances of steels, metals, glass, and synthetics. For existing goods, adding an exotic leather instantly increases its uniqueness, luxury look, and value to the consumer. For new goods, it creates an eye-popping visual that can turn a fairly common item or application into something different and unique.

In addition to these benefits, exotic skin can be crafted in hundreds of options from an exotic leather tannery with unique textures, pliability, and color options. Most applications of cow leather can be applied with Exotic leather with the right development.

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